Apple Store tightens rules for placing crypto applications

Apple Store tightens rules for placing crypto applications


The belonging Apple shop of App Store revised the politics placing cryptocurrency applications, toughening rules for mobile crypto purses, platforms for realization of ICO and programs for access to the exchanges.

According to new rules, mining applications, carrying out the booty of the cryptocurrencies directly on a device, are strictly forbidden settled only cloudy mining.

Placing the mobile purses is settled only to organizations, but not separate developers. And exchange applications can start only official exchanges.

Appendixes for support of ICO, trading in the cryptocurrency futures or tokens equated with securities, can be high-usage only jars, by firms on trading in securities or other financial institutions such trade is officially let that.

Appendixes no longer can offer cryptocurrency in an exchange on implementation of the some tasks like loading other applications, placing posts in social networks and other.

Finally, the fifth corrected rule can influence on some applications that already are in App Store presently. It is talked in guidance, that he forbids appendixes, offering currency for implementation of tasks.

“The appendixes cryptocurrency can not offer currency for implementation the tasks, such as loading other applications, encouragement other users to loading, publication in social networks and other”, the last rule underlines.

We will remind that Apple App Store, touching crypto appendixes, governed, always were stricter, than, for example, in Google Play. Four years ago the company deleted all applications, operating bitcoin, and two years ago Apple was very intolerant to altcoin, disconnecting the applications related to them. Today the great number crypto appendixes that will have to consider by new rules is presented in a shop, not speaking about new, that only must be plugged in App Store from Apple.

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