Apple is developing a system for creating timestamps on the blockchain


The American corporation Apple is engaged in the development of a system for creating and confirming timestamps on a detachment. This is evidenced by a patent application published by the US Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday.

In it, Apple describes a program that can confirm the correct timing by combining various aspects of blockchain technology and PKI tools.

In practice, this will allow you to tie a separate piece of data to a transaction in the blockchain, fixing the information component at a certain point in time. Changing this component will lead to the automatic creation of another transaction, which indicates that the changes were actually made.

In its application, Apple describes three methods for creating timestamps, one of which involves the use of a blockchain.

The program will issue blocks containing timestamps, to which will be added other blocks issued by the miners and containing the remaining transactions conducted in this chain. Apple notes that the proposed system is part of a more complex architecture, implying several checks at once. In other words, the additional system will confirm the correctness of the timestamp after the creation of the block, but before adding it to the main blockchain.

According to Apple, the blockchain interested the company in connection with the security advantages caused by the decentralized nature of the technology. In the proposed system, the nodes of the network will not accept transactions from another node if they find that the blocks that it sends to them do not correspond to their own version of the blockchain.

Thus, the system developed by Apple not only allows creating unchanged and verifiable time stamps, but also has a mechanism for protecting against the actions of intruders.

Recall that previously co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak said that, in his opinion, bitcoin is superior to gold for a number of reasons.

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