Amazon has patented a solution for the market for streaming data using Bitcoin

Amazon has patented a solution for the market for streaming data using Bitcoin


Amazon Technologies, Inc., daughter’s company of giant electronic commerce of Amazon, got a patent to the market of stream data, that would allow to the users to get data of transactions of cryptocurrency time in real time, according to the document, published on April, 17.

For satisfaction of necessities of organizations in a management by the large volumes of data a company, according to a patent, worked out technology of processing of stream data in large scales with a relatively sub zero delay. In addition, it will allow to the developers to “create monitoring panels in real time, to get exceptions and generate warning, bring recommendations over and do other business-decisions or operating decisions real-time”.

Service of communication of data with a few streams will be able to process information from different sources, including “streams of clicks of website, marketing and financial information, productive devices and social networks, working magazines, data of measuring”.

A file describes the example of the use of flow of data of cryptocurrency market that publishes or includes the global transactions of bitcoin (or any transaction of cryptocurrency) also. As indicated in a document, transactions are fully visible for all participants of network. In a patent talked:

“For example, group electronic or online shops that accept the transactions of bitcoin, can have a shipping address that can correlate with the address of bitcoin. Electronic retail dealers can unite a shipping address with data of transaction of bitcoin for creation of the correlated data and to reprint the incorporated data as the combined flow of data Clients that want to consume data can subscribe to the required flow of data and “at pleasure to choose the desired improvements that is not yet plugged in the desired flow of data”.

Among potential consumers an author of patent is the example of law enforcement authority, that would could desire to “get the global transactions of bitcoin correlated on countries, with data of ISP for determination of the initial IP- addresses and addresses deliveries that correlate with the addresses of Bitcoin”.

It was further added:

“For example, the market of stream data can estimate the desired data for one gigabyte, and an agency can begin the start of analytic geometry from desired data by means of the module of analysis”.

Last week the request of Bank of America was published on a patent on the system of storage on the basis of Blockchain. In a patent the problem of transmission and watching of data is examined and the system is described with automatic authentication of data and protected access to data.

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