Alipay conducted an international blockchain payment

Alipay conducted an international blockchain payment


Daughter’s company Alibaba Ant Financial tested the system of the money orders on the blockchain. On the agency of Bloomberg reported June, 25, that a transaction had occupied three seconds. A company in the past well-known as AliPay carried out the transfer costs between the appendix of AliPayHK (Hong Kong) and Philippine pay appendix of GCash (it is a joint project Alibaba and to the local telecommunication company Globe Telecom).

According to the head the Ant Financial Jack Ma, now on Philippines stormily the sector payments develops on blockchain. Coming forward at news a conference, he promised, that in the future Ant Financial will open out operations in international scales. The website of cnLedger quotes a businessman:

“In the last half-year a project  transfrontal money orders was one of my priorities. We will begin with Hong Kong, and in afterwards service of AliPayHK will become accessible all over the world. Blockchain is not technology of the rapid enriching  at all. 1,7 billions of people in the world still do not have bank accounts. However majority from them have mobile phones. Blockchain can play in life of the society a role that to us did not dream.”

According to a businessman, last years AliPay all more attention spares to the blockchain: so, in this month daughter’s company AliPay Ant International attracted $14 billion for the development of blockchain. At the same time a magnate occupies position sceptic in regard to cryptocurrencies: in May he named them a bubble.

In the world of a 1,7 billion of people that does not have bank accounts, but all have mobile phones. An expert does not doubt that influence of technology on people in the future will be considerably anymore, what somebody can suppose now.

During a few years a company extended the influence on a cryptocurrency market, in particular by means appendix of AliPay on blockchain.

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