Alibaba can engage in the mining of cryptocurrency – media


The Chinese company Alibaba, which works in the field of Internet commerce, has opened a platform for the mining of cryptocurrency. This writes CCN referring to unconfirmed reports of local media.

According to Tencent News, Alibaba registered a platform called “P2P Nodes” on October 10, 2017 in Nanjing.

“Alibaba recently launched a platform for the virtual currency trading” P2P Nodes”.  As follows from the terms of use of the platform, the main operating platform is Alibaba East China Ltd. It is reported that the company was registered on October 10, 2017, having registered it in Nanjing,” says CCN.

Information on the registration of “P2P Nodes” was published by the local source of cryptocurrency news cnLedger, informing that operations on the production of cryptocurrency can be integrated into the basic Alibaba platform.

In a separate message, Tencent draws attention to the fact that access to the platform will be provided on the terms of “third-party service”. In other words, Alibaba will offer its clients cloud-based services.

The message states that Alibaba “with great care” approaches its new business and allows users to withdraw Fiat through the Alipay system, but it does not allow the issuing of cryptocurrencies, which is stipulated by the terms of use of the service.

Earlier, Alibaba founder Jack Ma stated that the company is not going to work with cryptocurrencies.

“I do not think that we are ready for this,” he said in December, adding that the company will continue to concentrate on financial and technical developments designed to work with Fiat, such as Alipay. “Bitcoin is not for me.”

It is curious that this information appeared along with reports that the Chinese authorities intend to expand the ban imposed on the sphere of cryptocurrency in the last year, including miners and “similar to the сryptocurrency exchange” platforms.

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