Alibaba attracted $ 14 billion to develop blockchain solutions

Alibaba attracted $ 14 billion to develop blockchain solutions


Ant Financial, pay subdivision the Chinese internet-giant Alibaba, declared closing round financing of the Series C, within the framework of that companies succeeded to be attracted to the $14 billion on further development blockchain decisions. Forbes reports about it.

The details of travelling map the Ant Financial on development blockchain decisions are while unknown. However edition reports that other perspective directions of activity company include the Internet things and artificial intelligence.

Finteh-company AliPay was founded in 2004. After re-branding in 2014 she got the name Ant Financial. Currently, the company is the leading provider of payments in the Republic of China. The client base of Ant Financial counts 800 million active users.

In March head of Ant Financial Eric Jing declared that a company would continue development decisions on the base  technology of the up-diffused register and, in particular, will do an accent on compatibility of different blockchain.

Meantime, Ant Financial also positions itself as a supplier of the front-rank technologies, that potentially can help her to generate the more streams in the future. Recently a company signed agreement about the grant of biometric authentication and control system risks with the use A.I. for a few Chinese banks, including China Everbright Bank and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank.

Recent transactions also must help to soften some regulative pressure on a firm, that attracted attention with his online-crediting and business on a management by a capital. Authorities are disturbed by that services of Ant Financial take away money at state participating banks and add undesirable levers to the economy already straddled by a growing debt. Zennon Kapron, founder of consulting company Kapronasia from Shanghai, said that changing helped Ant Financial, because now she is not “examined as competitive with jars, and cooperates with them”.

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