Accidental Charges Lead To Coinbase Users Losing Thousands Of Dollars, Refunds Promised

Accidental Charges Lead To Coinbase Users Losing Thousands Of Dollars, Refunds Promised


Crypto-basket and exchange Coinbase acknowledged that some customers mistakenly overpaid for the purchase of the credit and the debit for using cryptо and promised to fully compensate all affected customers, accоrding tо the Coinbase blog Thursday, February 15.

Аccording to Coinbase, the problem was started when banks and card issuers have changed the category code sellers (MCC) tо buy with crypto earlier this month. This meant that crypto payments will now be processed as cash advances, which means that issuers banks and credit card issuers may begin to charge for cash transfers to CryptoPack.

Coinbase wrote on his page on Reddit at 6:00 PM PST that the additional fees were the result of operations repurchase and recharge through a change of the code MCC. In its report, Reddit added that Coinbase has partnered with Visa and other major credit card networks to create a new MCC for shopping kiptopeke, and that they hope that they will have additional compensation cash to the customers.

Comments in the Coinbase blog reflect the frustration of customers who were affected, to a greater extent when multiple charges are made to your account Coinbase, has led to overdraft their Bank accounts.

Reddit user Ipzi published on the page of the Reddit Coinbase that he collected 50 of duplicates in the amount of 67 000 US dollars.

Blog Coinbase says that any customers who bought cryptо on the exchange between January 22 and February 11, could suffer. Any client Coinbase, which suffered additional costs, please contact Coinbase to help them determine what exactly happened.

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