A third-party developer of ZCash threatens to split the network if he is not paid

A third-party developer of ZCash threatens to split the network if he is not paid


Developers of the ZCash cryptocurrency, which currently has a capitalization of $700 million, ran into a problem while working on the Overwinter update.

A few days prior to the official date of the start updating that will be realized by the way hard fork, one the developers declared that would split a network, if an association will not pay him.

On Tuesday, at an official forum cryptocurrency developers, a note appeared from the sole escort of the software client for Windows, Jane Mercer, in which he threatened to interrupt software development and issue a competing coin based on ZCash fork if his requirements were not met.

It is talked in a report, that past throughout the year Mercer lived due to commissions and offering got that for the prosecution clients, however, when money made off, he some time had to work free of charge.

Start updating of Overwinter it must will take place on June, 25. It will prepare the network of ZCash to  the next updating of Sapling, that will do cryptocurrency more scalable and anonymous, pre-arranged on October.

Windows- a client of ZCash is the most popular wallet of cryptocurrency and if Mercer shut down above him, then after updating of Sapling, ten, and can hundreds thousands users, would remain without a capable of the working wallet.

Many consider in spite of the fact that, that fork of  cryptocurrencies is the healthy mechanism expression other points view, majority fears however, that an association can crack on a few opposing camps.

“So far, everything is developing in such a way that we will have to pay him,” said Ariel Gabizon, one of ZCash developers.

Mercer’s message found a response in the ZCash community, which intervened and made some anonymous transfers for a total of 80 ZEC or about 15,000 dollars.

“I was transferred a little money, which is enough to maintain life for several months, so everything is already fine,” Mercer said.

In addition, a representative from the ZCash Foundation contacted the Mercer by phone and persuaded him to no longer resort to threats and black mail.

Speaking about the incident as a whole, Mercer noted that this was a good lesson, which shows the importance of good relations with the developers.

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