A resident of the Netherlands implanted a Bitcoin in his hand

A resident of the Netherlands implanted a Bitcoin in his hand


Marketing manager of company-producer of Bitcoin-bankomates  Martin Wismeijer implanted to itself in a hand chip of NFC, on that kept him bitcoin. CNBC reports about it.

Wismeijer have the chips implanted in 2014 already, however for what they are intended, not reported. Now the man decided to use modern technologies for safe storage of cryptocurrency: the password of access is kept on a chip that difficult enough to break up. In addition, such manner of payment is extremely comfortable – accomplishing purchases is possible the flap of hand.

Wismeijer it is said that would like to have such chip as early as 2010, when began to buy bitcoin.

“I can bravely say that greater part of bitcoin, more than 80%, I lost from breaking, thefts and other problems. If I had a chip in 2010, I, probably, now would be very rich”, – he said.

A chip measuring with grain of rice is implanted between large and indicatory the fingers of hand. As Wismeijer told, a process occupied a few seconds and was no more sickly, than introduction of dropper. The process of cicatrization occupies at most two weeks, but using a chip is possible already in three days.

Wismeijer did not report, how many bitcoins is kept on a chip in his hand, but marked that from considerations of own safety holds there a “small amount sufficient for the purchase of beer or coffee”.

“This very low-powered device, – an engineer talks. “Veterinaries do it for our pets during decades”.

Recall, the first bitcoin-transaction by means of built-in in a hand microchip was accomplished in November, 2015. Swedish developer of software from a company DigitasLBi Patrick Lanehead through the colleague of Huangho Tara from a company Arduino successfully conducted bio-payment in bitcoin, using here worked out in Dangerous Things microchip able to keep 888 byte of data.

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