A new type of business – sale of accounts through the cryptocurrency exchange


Recently, a number of trading platforms, including Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex and CEX.IO, suspended registration of new users due to the rapid growth of interest in cryptocurrencies. In addition, the Poloniex exchange reported that in the near future owners of unverified accounts will lose the opportunity to use its trading platform. All this led to the fact that the network began to appear ads on the sale of “fully verified accounts.”

For example, the Bitcointalk.org forum sells a verified account for Poloniex (third-level verification) for which the withdrawal limit is $ 25,000 per day, for $ 12. The same seller gives an account on Bittrex for $ 10.

Another user for selling accounts uses the Selly site.

“Hi guys. I’m selling a verified account on Bittrex with a daily limit of 100 BTC. “

Verification becomes standard practice for most stock exchanges. Even platforms such as BTC-e, which in the past have been loyal to the identification of users, now increasingly require a certain package of documents. Usually, users need to confirm the phone number, submit an identity document, and in some cases still upload a photo with it and a document confirming the address.

Some exchanges do not allow trading without preliminary verification, as Poloniex is going to do, while others limit the amount of funds available for withdrawal, such as Binance, which does not allow unverified users to withdraw more than 2 BTC per day.

In addition to forums, the sale of accounts is conducted in popular instant messengers, for example, Telegram. Here are offered accounts on Bitstamp, Bittrex, GDAX and other exchanges.

Buying such an account in any case is not an optimal solution, since there is always a risk that the former owner will be able to restore access to it and withdraw funds there.

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