A beta release of the Jaxx Liberty cryptocurrency wallet took place

A beta release of the Jaxx Liberty cryptocurrency wallet took place


Decentral company introduced a beta version of the multi-currency Jaxx Liberty wallet.

The Jaxx Liberty beta is now available for download and we’re looking for your feedback. More on how to download and share your feedback in our latest blog post: https://t.co/J71u2BnZtF

From the usual for many popular multi-currency wallet Jaxx Liberty features a number of new features. In particular, the ‘Portfolio’ module is integrated into it, allowing you to monitor the dynamics of user-defined cryptocurrencies for a certain period of time.

Also directly in the wallet is a news module and a similar to the Coinmarketcap rating of the cryptocurrency market capitalization.

It is also noteworthy that the Windows wallet distribution “weighs” more than 300 MB.

Test versions of Jaxx Liberty for Android and iOS OC are available on the corresponding pages of the Play Store and the App Store. Also available are desktop beta versions of the new wallet for Windows and Mac. The Linux version and the Chrome browser extension will appear between 9 and 31 of July.

According to the developers, the current version is still a little “raw” and in the near future the functionality of the wallet will be further developed and enriched with new opportunities.

“We recommend that users not rely entirely on the beta version of Jaxx Liberty. Although it is very similar to the current version of Jaxx, we recommend that you be careful with it,” the company’s blog says.

Release of the final version of Jaxx Liberty wallet is expected in July.

Recall, a few days ago, developers of the popular in the US mobile application Robinhood announced the launch of a cryptocurrency wallet.

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