$65 Million: Blockchain Assets Platform Paxos raises Series B funding

$65 Million: Blockchain Assets Platform Paxos raises Series B funding


Paxos, company, engaging in financial technologies, and the first blockchain trust, closed an underback in size $65 million Series B. This round heads the consortium existent investors, including Liberty City Ventures, RRE Ventures, Jay Jordan et al. Now Paxos attracted of $93 million capital in general complication. A company uses new resources for the considerable down-scaling of operations and further delivery modern decisions for calculations to the world markets of capital.

“It is a zero hour on financial markets. We are in an inflection, to bring down a risk in our financial system and free capital trapped by the archaic system of calculations”, – Charles Cascarilla, director general Paxos, said. “For the last three years we concentrated the attention on creation correct infrastructure, that would allow to the modern calculation decision to unblocking a capital, mobilize assets and create a value”.

“This refinancing will assist the achievement our aims on liquidation of calculation risk and expansion our suggestions on products in different geographical regions”, -Andrew Chang, main operating director Paxos, added. “We continue to invest in expansion our platform, that simplifies our financial infrastructure, provides greater control and mortgages basis for the future”.

Increase support clients – Paxos continues to bring over clients to introduction of the calculation platform both at the share market and at the market precious metals on the technology. It means that blockchain technology in the first time is developed in a time basic and real scale factor with many financial institutes and market participants that use her for satisfaction of the requirements in a settlement.

Unique suggestions – presently Paxos allows to conduct operations with precious metals and securities. Paxos is the first only company that can digitise assets to trade. This managed status of trust is substantial possibility decline risk in the system and development the financial infrastructure.

Paxos is a company, engaging in financial technologies, and first in the world blockchain trust. As a modern platform for calculations the mission of company consists in that, to unblocking a capital and create a value by means products that simplify calculations and remove a risk.

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