50 elite apartments in Dubai sold for bitcoins


As it became known this week, 50 elite apartments in Dubai were sold for bitcoins. Famous designer of underwear Michelle Mont and her partner, billionaire Doug Barrowman, put up for sale 50 of their 1,300 real estate objects located on the territory of the Science Park, for bitcoins, and, after a month, all the elite apartments have already been sold.

“We sold everything. Someone bought one or two, one investor bought immediately 10” – Barrowman said to press.

The cost of one studio apartment is about 130 thousand dollars, that is, approximately 16 bitcoins, while 2-room apartments are sold at $380 thousand  (~ 47 btc).

It is reported that this series of transactions was the first precedent for the sale of real estate for a cryptocurrency on the territory of Dubai.

According to Michelle Mont, the majority of buyers were representatives of a new generation of young cryptoinvestors.

 “We still continue to receive purchase orders,”

Barrowman said, suggesting that the surge in interest in investing in real estate via cryptocurrencies is due to the growth of bitcoin and the desire of early investors to record their profits.

In the future, the pair plans to put up for sale a number of real estate objects for cryptocurrency.

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