13,000 Coinbase customers are verified by the US Internal Revenue Service

13,000 Coinbase customers are verified by the US Internal Revenue Service


Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase sent out alerts to 13,000 of its customers that the U.S. internal revenue service (IRS) requesting information about their personal data and accounts. The IRS ordered the exchange to provide information about users in three weeks, and Coinbase will have to comply. We will remind that else last year the IRS demanded information about customers of the exchange in court.

Tax service the United States has decided to thoroughly examine all the cases of tax evasion on the part of investors of the cryptocurrency. The IRS is interested in the data of all clients of the exchange, having completed more than $ 20,000. The information that Coinbase will be obliged to provide names, addresses and taxpayer ID. The tax authorities commented on his request saying that they will be studying information about major transactions of clients in the period from 2013 to 2015.

Initially, the IRS sought information about 500 000 customers of Coinbase, however, the court confirmed only 13 000. In the US cryptocurrency trade is taxable, although the payment of it among cryptocurrency traders until recently, practically not controlled. Now the IRS has decided to rectify this situation by examining the major investors of the exchange. Now those who have not paid taxes on their income from trading digital currencies a few years ago, will have to quickly repay the debt.  Coinbase failed to resist the actions of tax officials, for this reason, simply warned their customers about future control.

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