​​Why the cryptocurrency market is doomed to growth

​​Why the cryptocurrency market is doomed to growth


Number of users crypto-exchangers dropped twice as compared to December-January and returned to the level of November 2017. The number of search queries for the word “bitcoin” in Google fell by 82% compared to the end of 2017. In Twitter, the cryptocurrency is written half as much.

The fall of crypto-market does not mean that it should be discounted. Now, there are those who are really ready to deal professionally with cryptocurrency.

The next step is the introduction of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-technologies into real life. In 2018, ICO start-ups that raised funds in 2016 and 2017 must submit their projects. If they are successful, this will lead to the emergence of a real blockchain industry and a new growth of crypto-market.

Another factor is interest in cryptocurrencies from large world companies. Online stores are ready to accept bitcoin for payment, instant messengers want to become payment services.

The current decline can only be considered as a preparation for a new breakthrough. Cryptocurrencies occupy a small share of the global financial market – and their growth potential is huge.

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