​​Why Ethereum will survive all of its "killers"

​​Why Ethereum will survive all of its “killers”


Blockchain Ethereum today is the undisputed leader among all platforms of smart-contracts. Every new project that wants to occupy its niche is called the “Ethereum killer “. But in reality it has not yet been possible to anyone.

All platforms of smart-contracts – NEO, Ethereum Classic, Waves, Nxt and so on, position themselves as platforms that solve the problems of Ethereum. But the brainchild of Vitalik Buterin constantly evolves and improves, increasing scalability and struggling with the vulnerabilities of smart-contracts.

For example, Ethereum was faced with the scalability problem during the CryptoKitties application boom. The Blockchain passed this test. Recently, Buterin presented a scaling solution for the Plasma project, which will increase the computing potential of Ethereum.

Today Ethereum employs hundreds of thousands of smart-contracts – more than the most active competitors. According to polls, the participants of the blockchain industry, by the end of the year the price for Ethereum will grow threefold. With such market share and high credit, Ethereum will remain the industry leader.

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