​​Why crypto-exchangers attract investors

​​Why crypto-exchangers attract investors


According to rumors, the South Korean investors bought crypto-exchanger Bitstamp for $ 400 million. Crypto-exchanger is at the 14th place at the daily trading volumes ($ 122,369,567). Judging by Bloomberg’s research, Bitstamp’s daily profit is about $ 400,000. The goals of new investors for the asset are still unknown, but if one leaves it as it is, the return on investment will take about three years.

Earlier in late February 2018, American payment company Circle bought the crypto-exchanger Poloniex. The purchase amount is unknown. According to Bloomberg, the daily profit of Poloniex is about $ 60 thousand. Circle has big plans for buying: the company wants to make crypto-exchanger part of the global cryptocurrency infrastructure.

A lot of large investors did not have time to enter the crypto-market on a low start. Today, cryptocurrencies have become a more understandable tool, and their legalization is not far off. But investing in mining or even coins for the purpose of growth is meaningless. The main profit potential is the infrastructure. And the crypto-exchanger is here – the main objects for purchase. So new deals are just around the corner.

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