​​Which state is going to legalize cryptocurrency next

​​Which state is going to legalize cryptocurrency next


Recently it became known that Thailand is legalizing cryptocurrencies and ICO. New rules aimed at protecting investors, will start to enter from April. They will include requirements for information disclosure and warnings, but the state as a whole is more loyal than, for example, China.

It is noted, that in March, Germany announced the legalization of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Now digital coins can pay for goods in some stores, cryptocurrencies has been adopted by the German Tourism Office.

By 1 July, cryptocurrencies should be legalized in Russia. Legislation on regulating crypto-market is now under consideration in the Russian parliament. The desire to become the leader of the cryptocurrency industry was declared by Switzerland.

What’s next? More and more countries will legalize cryptocurrencies, including using the working time of those who have already made such a decision. Where will the next state be, it is difficult to say. But given the Asian skepticism from Korea, China and Japan and the interest of the European Union, it can be assumed that the following positive news will come from Europe.

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