​​Where will the first real crypto-state appear

​​Where will the first real crypto-state appear?


2 new cryptocurrency cities – Agnes-Vews in Australia and BTC City in the capital of Slovenia Ljubljana appeared for 2 days on the Earth. Both administrative entities are expecting to attract participants in cryptocurrencies industry by freely selling goods, services and real estate for digital assets: in Australia through TravelbyBit, in Slovenia through Elipay.

These are not the first attempts to create libertarian “city-states” for crypto-investors. Since 2015, legal procedures have been in place to recognize Lieberland – bitcoin-state in the “nobody’s” territory, which was formed during the surveying of the borders of Serbia and Croatia. 350 thousand applications were submitted for the nationality. In Norway, a private cryptocity Lieberstad was registered, where 112 crypto-investors already bought land and another 500 are on the waiting list. In Puerto Rico’s tax-free Puertopia emerged, Puerto Rico emerged – a colony of crypto-millionaires founded by Brock Pearce, which together help to restore the territory after the hurricane. There are persistent rumors that BitMain bought the island to create its own crypto state.


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