​​What will happen to Monero after March 14

​​What will happen to Monero after March 14


News tapes are stating that Monero has grown by almost 11% over the past 24 hours. This is attributed to the upcoming hardfork of the MonterV cryptocurrency: presumably on March 14 at block 1529810 the MoneroV blockchain will separate from the mother circuit, and all MNR holders will receive new coins in the 1:10 ratio.

We are not going to predict the future of MoneroV. But we can assume that Monero in the second half of March is waiting for a sharp drop. This is due to the behavior of the crypto-investors: they are purchased by the “mother” cryptocurrency on the eve of the hardfork, inflating its price, and after receiving new coins they sell the old ones, bringing down the rate.

Since the beginning of the year, this has already happened to the hardfork of two blockchain, Zclassic and Bitcoin, as a result of which the Bitcoin Private cryptocurrency appeared. Then the price of Zclassic jerked up, but after the separation of BTCP in late February, more than 80% collapsed.

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