​​Twitter is afraid of the fate of Facebook and Google in crypto-market

​​Twitter is afraid of the fate of Facebook and Google in crypto-market


Facebook banned the advertising of cryptocurrencies and ICO in its tapes. The same decision was made by Google (it is noticed, not without the participation of FBI) ​​- the ban will come into force in the summer of 2018. Against the backdrop of such news, the leadership of another Internet giant Twitter should be worried.

Firstly, CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey owns another company, Square, which is planning investments in cryptocurrency projects, and also recently started trading bitcoin. The next tough measures against cryptocurrencies will prevent the parallel business of Dorsey.

On the other hand, Twitter itself became a popular platform for participants of crypto-market. Experts chat here, advertise ICO, publish the latest news of the industry. If this segment is covered, the social network of microblogging will lose a significant part of the audience.

Meanwhile, Twitter is already proposing to follow the path of colleagues and prohibit crypto-advertising. Dorsey is keeping the defense meanwhile. However, Google initially tried to argue.

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