​​The Winklevoss twins prepared rally for Zcash

​​The Winklevoss twins prepared rally for Zcash


New York Stock Exchange Gemini created a springboard for anonymous cryptocurrency Zcach – the rally began immediately after the announcement of adding to the listing, for 24 hours the rate increased by 40% and reached $ 350.

Thus, traders showed that they are ready to fully trust the opinion of the owners of the exchange and the first crypto currency billionaires of the twins of the Winklewos who directly advertised Zcach in their message on Twitter. The Gemini exchanger is considered one of the most conservative in the world in compliance with the financial regulation legislation.

Since May 22, three pairs will be traded on Gemini – ZEC / USD, ZEC / BTC and ZEC / ETH, deposits can be placed since May 19. The receipt of approval by the Financial Services Department (NYSDFS) was published by the Winklevoss at 9:30 am, after which the course went up only for an hour.

According to NYSDFS, the Gemini exchanger also applied for approval of the listing for Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. Official information on the beginning of trading in these currencies from the owners of the exchange was not received. Until now, only Bitcoin and Ethereum were traded on Gemini.

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