​​Opera is switching into a crypto-friendly browser

​​Opera is switching into a crypto-friendly browser


Today, Opera browser for Android has launched closed beta testing of the built-in cryptocurrency wallet. According to the director of the direction of Opera Crypto, Charles Hamel, the wallet is integrated with Android security systems and does not require additional PIN-codes and passwords for transactions. This makes crypto payment simple, like sending electronic payments through a smartphone. While the wallet supports only Ethereum, ERC20-tokens and collectible items in ERC271 format, over time the list of cryptocurrency will be expanded.

This is the third major innovation of Opera in support of cryptocurrency industry. Earlier the company added large cryptocurrencies to the converter and installed advanced protection from hidden mining in the desktop version of the browser. After this initiative, the Chinese mining giant Bitmain invested $ 50 million in Opera shares. Since 2016, Opera belongs to the Chinese investment fund Golden Brick Capital Private Equity Fund.

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