​​Miguel Francis-Santiago: decentralized media has no limits

​​Miguel Francis-Santiago: decentralized media has no limits


Miguel has an extensive career in the media industry from filmmaking to radio. He began his journey in the crypto-world by spearheading blockchain media on RT.com in an exciting show called ‘Cryptolium’ that traveled the world and exposed the latest happenings in the world of Blockchain. Bringing along his 10 year filmmaking experience as a seasoned documentarist and a UCLA Film School graduate, his aim in the blockchain media space is to facilitate cinematic emotion and feeling to create a powerful connection with the viewer and take blockchain into the masses.

Centralized media has limits and that is why Miguel created ‘The Future is Now’ – a decentralized documentary film series covering the progress of blockchain technology and the crypto-industry around the world.

He is currently the CMO of Futurama Blockchain Innovators Media, an arm of the Futurama eco-system that aims to be a powerful player in the crypto-media creating new avenues for blockchain implementation into socio-economic growth of the industry. Don’t miss your chance to speak to a media guru who is an absolute image maker in the space! Come to Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit in Spain, Ibiza!

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