​​Indonesia will lift all restrictions on the turnover of cryptocurrencies

​​Indonesia will lift all restrictions on the turnover of cryptocurrencies


The Central Bank of Indonesia, in cooperation with the country’s largest crypto-exchanger, Indodax, will develop the rules for the circulation of cryptocurrency for legal entities by the end of the year. After that, digital assets will be used on the territory of the state without any restrictions on the exchange, purchase, sale and settlement in them, including the opening of accounts.

As previously reported, on June 3, the Indonesian government issued a decree on the legalization of cryptocurrencies, which are equated to common-use goods. Legalized not only turnover, but also extraction. Control over the turnover of cryptocurrencies is assigned to the Indonesian Agency for Supervision of Trade in Commodity Futures (Bappebti).

Today the head of the department of market development Bappebti Dharma Yoga clarified that the rules for legal entities relate exclusively to issues of compliance with international legislation on combating terrorism and legalization of criminal proceeds. Religious Islamic leaders of Indonesia are positive about cryptocurrencies.

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