​​Epay and Bithumb announced a partnership

​​Epay and Bithumb announced a partnership


Bithumb – the most popular cryptoexchanger in South Korea and one of the largest exchangers in terms of trading volume in the world – announced a partnership with the international payment system Epay. Against the background of the fact that PayPal raised the commission for transactions, the activisation of Epay speaks about the formation of a full-fledged alternative and toughening of competition among payment systems.

At the same time, Epay announced the opening of branches in Europe in addition to the existing network in the US and the expansion of cooperation with crypto-exchangers, mainly working with Bitcoin. In addition to Bithumb, Epay’s partners are kCoin, Coinroom, Eobot, WEX, OTC789 and Coinnice with a combined average daily turnover of over $ 10 billion.

Epay offers a simple and convenient Bitcoin transaction processing procedure, as well as 24×7 technical support in the language of the jurisdiction where the branch opens. Despite the global scale of business, Epay’s head office remains in China and plans for its transfer were not announced.

According to Epay, in May 2018, the payment system services are used by more than 1.2 million customers in 200 countries.

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