​​Cold wallets for cryptocurrencies may appear in Huawei smartphones

​​Cold wallets for cryptocurrencies may appear in Huawei smartphones


Huawei Technologies Ltd., the third-largest smartphone producer, is planning to release a smartphone on the blockchain. Representatives of the company met with developers of the startup Sirin Labs to discuss licensing of the operating system SIRIN OS. This will allow the smartphone to run applications on the blockchain.

Both sides confirmed the fact of negotiations. The meeting was preliminary, details of the discussion are unknown.

Sirin Labs has big plans in the industry: the project of its own smartphone involves a built-in cryptographic purse with cold storage and an automatic system for converting money into tokens needed to run blockchain applications. The interest to the project is great: at a price of about $ 1000 for a smartphone, a startup has already over 25,000 pre-orders.

If the technology of Sirin Labs unites with the resources of Huawei, which not only conquers the European market, but also prepares to enter the US, the result can become revolutionary.

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