​​Bitcoin does not need the Internet anymore

​​Bitcoin does not need the Internet anymore


GoTenna company from New York and anonymous cryptocurrency wallet Samourai announced the development of an application that allows to make Bitcoin transactions offline. The transfer of information occurs inside the mash-network, which is formed by all devices of GoTenna users working at ultra-high frequencies.

The application is called TxTenna and is capable of delivering transaction information from one mash node to another until an Internet-connected device is detected. it will send information about the transaction to Bitcoin Blockchain.

In August last year, Blockstream, began to solve the problem of accessibility of Bitcoin transactions in regions where there is no Internet, which uses leased satellites for this purpose. However, the technology turned out very expensive. It is known that several high-tech start-ups are looking for a solution to the problem, and one can be sure that they will find it.

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