​​Bitcoin Cash blockchain has opened an opportunity for the release of tokens and ICO

​​Bitcoin Cash blockchain has opened an opportunity for the release of tokens and ICO


The news about the possibility of releasing tokens on Bitcoin Cash blockchain failed the Ethereum price – the world’s second crypto currency fell by 20% in 2 days. Trigger hook was a video clip of the Bitcoin Cash investor, Roger Ver, who announced the launch of the Wormhole protocol, which will allow to issue tokens and conduct ICO on the blockchain of “true Bitcoin”. “Perhaps we will soon have crypto- kittens,” he said, adding that as the demonstration of the possibilities of the new protocol, ICO is of Bitcoin.com is being planned.

The Wormhole protocol was developed in conjunction with the Chinese mining giant Bitmain, which publicly disowned Bitcoin in favor of Bitcoin Cash and withdrew all of its cryptocurrency into fork coins despite a financial loss of $ 500 million. Many experts in the crypto- industry believe that the Wormhole protocol will be very popular among developers , because the tokens on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain will be much easier to stock up on exchangers where the main coin of blockchain is already traded. The ERC20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain has recently experienced problems with listing due to the unrecoverable bug in the smart- contract. The developers of Ethereum are preparing the release of the new standard ERC777, but Roger Ver overtook them, offering the market an alternative, which affected the course Ethereum. There will be a chance to discuss with Roger Ver the possibility of placing ICO on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain on September 7-10 at CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise in the Mediterranean and on September 10-13 at the Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit in Spain on Ibiza

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