Сryptocurrency developers Verge ask the community $3 million for disclosure of the name of a new partner

Сryptocurrency developers Verge ask the community $3 million for disclosure of the name of a new partner


Developers of cryptocurrency Verge decided to resort to a method, the possibility of using it outside of the blockchain space is difficult to imagine. They appealed to the community on Twitter and asked to donate 75 million XVG or about $3 million for the name of the “potential partner”, an agreement that could be concluded next week.

“In accordance with our mission to expand the capabilities of humanity through blockchain-transactions in everyday life, we are pleased to announce the efforts that we are making to establish the largest cryptocurrency interaction in the market,” the team writes. “Help us speed up fundraising and achieve our goal.”

The Verge representative in a conversation with The Next Web confirmed the relevance of this information.

“Partnership is a great opportunity for us,” he said. “Few people understand the scope of this transaction. The volume of transactions and the stability of the existing payment processing that will become possible thanks to this company will easily raise our cost to a fundamentally new level – up to the top-10 or even to the top-5.”

It was expected that the community was skeptical of the calls made by Verge. When asked why it was necessary to collect exactly this amount for the name of the partner, the project team replied that without it would not be possible to conclude an agreement.

At the time of publication, users transferred to the project wallet about 16.5 million XVG or $650,000.

On their website, the developers have created a separate page to raise funds.

The initiative was quickly picked up by the scammers, who on behalf of Verge began to collect money for their own wallets. At least one of them managed to attract already 8 ETH.

Curiously, the launch of the new crowdfunding campaign Verge was announced just a week after their Twitter account was hacked using stolen Yahoo databases.

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